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Mental Health & Spirituality

June 2023 - NewsletterCover Interfaith Mental Health Banners.png

What is intersectionality? As Sue Cardenas-Soto writes, intersectionality describes how "individuals are empowered and oppressed by the intricate ways in which parts of their identities connect."

A Few of the Conversations..

NewsletterCover Interfaith Mental Health Banners - pic - madiha + derek.png

Closer Than You Know

"Allah is deeply present, understanding your struggles and experiences, even if you cannot explain it yourself."

NewsletterCover Interfaith Mental Health Banners - pic - amanda + derek.png

Meditative, Grateful Belonging

It's when I notice signs of "weakness" that my self-confidence comes out.

February 2023 Newsletter Kim Mebane Interfaith Mental Health Banner.png

It Makes My Soul Happy

"I need answers, not mystery." Spirituality, for Kim, is being "empowered to make changes in my own life."

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