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Mental Health and COVID-19

By: Annie Fish, Program Director for NAMI KDK

You are not alone. NAMI KDK cares about you.

There is no perfect blueprint for how to live right now, and do not be afraid to seek for help. There are still so many resources available during COVID-19 that we can connect you to. Call our helpline or send us an email to find out how to access those resources. For now, let's think of things that we can control and make happen in our lives.

Take steps to be healthy.

Be preventative in taking care of yourself at this time. Try to only leave the house for essential trips. Wash your hands frequently. Wear gloves and a mask when leaving the house. Monitor your health, take vitamins, and eat healthy!

Keep up with a routine.

I know that I have tried to stay on a to-do list as often as possible. Having a schedule or routine helps our mind escape the negative feelings that could stem from being in quarantine. Space projects out, don't complete all your tasks in one week. Even add a daily chore to your list to help keep up with a routine. Try to remain on a regular sleep schedule.


This can look different for everyone. For me, I have really spent a lot of time with my dog. It has been a beautiful time to be able to love my pet and care for her. It also helps to have this responsibility of taking care of her to keep up with my routine. I also try to Zoom call a group of friends or family members once a week. I recently had a Zoom meeting with cousins I do not often see and it was a great time to re-connect and spend time having conversations we do not always take the time to have. Call a loved one, follow up with people on Social Media, participate in online trivia/concerts/meetings to create more community, and of course attend a NAMI KDK support group.

Check in with yourself.

It's okay to not be okay. Seeking help is the next step, and that help is still available amidst quarantine. I personally like to take time to be real with myself and check in with how I am feeling. It is okay to admit that times are not exactly easy right now. Processing grief for the life you may have been able to live before quarantine may be something that is healing for you. Journal and evaluate your emotions and moods. Be kind to yourself.

Take the time to grow.

Try to work on breaking a bad habit. Educate yourself on something that you have always wanted to look into. Watch a compelling documentary or read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for a while. Attempt to work at a hobby that you have always wanted to try. Take pride and happiness in this, it is exciting to have time to grow and time for space for you.

Be human.

Don't take yourself too seriously and get too bogged down on trying to be the perfect human during quarantine. Take the time to get the rest and balance you need. Think of it as an opportunity. Laugh, play board games, watch a funny Netflix show. Take a nap and don't feel bad about it. Relax and restore however you may need to.

We are here for you. Reach out. You are not alone.

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