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Show Yourself Some Love

Valentine's Day, this year especially, may have been tough for more people than usual and the effects may still be lingering.

The ADAA mentions Valentine's Day can be related with Depression, especially if you are suffering from heartache or heartbreak. Our emotions and feelings can be powerful and really impact us when we feel we are missing something or someone. With Covid-19 and being stuck at home, these emotions can be heightened for many of us, especially for those of who are already living with mental health conditions. During times like this, one of the most difficult things to do can be to show yourself some love. But it is never too late to do it. Here are some tips and tricks to do just that.

First tip is to avoid or lessen your social media use. Being heartbroken, single, and/or isolated at the same time may take a toll on your mental health. One tip from Banyan Mental Health is to stay away or take a break from social media. Especially around this time, social media feeds are stuffed with images and posts of couples. It is natural to start comparing ourselves to what we see and especially when we see something that we do not have and we want. By taking a social media break, or even avoiding it completely (for the time being), you may be helping your mental health. This tip is not specific to Valentine's day; We end up comparing ourselves to what we see on social media year round, and it can have and impact on our mental health. So making it a habit to take social media breaks can be a way to show yourself some love.

Mental Health America listed a few ideas (that can also be used year round) to show yourself some love. You can make a care package with all your favorite things and treats. You can include things like fuzzy socks, face masks, coffee, and something sweet. Spoil yourself a little bit and buy yourself something you love. Get together with your friends and spend time around the people that you love and make a day out of it. Be mindful about the things that you love about yourself and remind yourself about these things. Take some time to think about your wants and needs and do something that you want to do or always wanted to do. Even if you are stay home, get ready and dolled up. Or, it can be as easy as taking some time to relax.

Though Valentine's Day has come and gone, loving yourself should be something you do everyday. The bottom line is: show yourself some love because you deserve it!

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