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Taking Care of Yourself After the Winter Holidays

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Happy February!

The weeks after the winter holidays can be very difficult to get through. It is cold, subsequent snowfalls can make for a slippery commute and overall, these two things can sometimes force us to stay inside or make it harder to go outside. You may have heard of the “winter blues.” It is very common to feel a mood shift, feel more tired and unhappy. You are not alone in this! Many people I have talked to share that they feel this way and especially when they feel stuck at home because of the weather. Most of us have had LOTS of snow recently so I thought I would share some things with you to help get through the next week or so. It can be very easy and tempting to turn to social media or binge-watch my favorite show but that usually doesn’t make me feel good once I am done.

Some things that I like to do to keep me moving and in a good mood are the following:

  • Walk around my neighborhood and pay attention to the sounds that I hear.

  • Eat fresh fruit with Tajin seasoning (or lemon).

  • Color! Grab a coloring book or just start to write on a blank piece of paper with different bright colors.

  • Listen to upbeat music! My favorite is Bachata & Merengue.

If you are looking for extra support or resources during this time, please email us at If you would like to more information about programs that we offer, please contact

NAMI KDK is here for you! Let's work together to transition more easily into Spring!

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