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The Beauty that Surrounds Us

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the beauty that surrounds us! The days are getting shorter, so take a moment to get outside and marvel at the stunning view. The colors are vivid, and everyday there is a new wonder to behold. You will be amazed at the mental and physical health benefits that nature provides.

Spending time in nature can:

* Improve your mood

* Reduce feelings of stress and anger

* Improve problem solving skills

* Lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels

* Enhance immune system function

* Promote calm

If you are not able to get outside, studies show that just listening to the sounds of nature can have therapeutic benefits. There are hundreds of hours of free listening on Youtube. Different sounds appeal to different people, so try as many as you need until you find what works for you.


“Nature itself is the best physician.”-Hippocrates

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